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Life List

– Be the proud owner of a Volkswagon Beetle

– Give back to my community

– Re-enroll in school

– Live in my own apartment

– Receive a degree in Digital Medical Sonography

– Get hitched and have some kids (like 10 years from now)

– Actually wear my Nikes for exercise instead of just for style

– Be more organized

– Find new ways to deal with my anger

– Become more independent

– Take a girls’ trip to the beach

– Start a book club

– Re-learn spanish (or actually become fluent in it)

– Learn how to crochet

– Incorporate yoga or mediation time into my day

– Read a book that’s outside my comfort zone (such as Pride and Prejudice)

– Get a new tattoo

– Learn to communicate better with Julian

– See the Effiel Tower

– Write a book

– Change my diet

– Buy a new laptop (Macbook Pro, here I come)

– Go to a concert

– Donate blood

– Adopt a kitten

– Ride a horse

– Go paintballing (OUCH!)

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  1. Jamal Jessie permalink
    January 4, 2013 11:43 pm

    So get started already, how many coming off your list in 2013!

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